‘elf and safety

Just in case someone might not see the ramp and brickwork at Copdock Hall…we’ve had to install a handrail to appease the ‘elf and safety requirements. To be fair the planning hasn’t been too onerous on our Grade II listed barn but it does make you wonder how people survived in the past. Nigel again showed his dexterity in doing the necessaries.

DSC_2775 DSC_4976



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Kitchen capers

While we’re not building a kitchen in the short term, we will be providing a kitchen-type area for outside caterers where they can set up their gear and operate. There’ll be water, electricity and sinks – a prerequisite for most caterers. In the meantime we decided to plywood one of the walls to hide the electrics and pipes, and prevent creatures from using the ledges.


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Closing the gate

Not many jobs to go now…but one of the last ones was to install the new gates to the courtyard which Nigel and Toby carried out today. It adds a little finality to the development and an added bit of security.

DSC_4931 DSC_4936 DSC_4938 DSC_4942

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Light up my life

After the illuminating success of the barn uplights, next it was the driveway bollards and entrance sign. On a cold night I ventured out to take a few snaps which I hope captures the best of the barn at night. We’re probably about 95% there on the renovation bar the toilet cubicles, a lick of paint here and there and a bit of filling.

DSC_4924 DSC_4905 DSC_4911 DSC_4920

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Almost done. After two days of back-breaking work, John and his team have almost completed the block paving entrance and it’s looking good.

DSC_4898 DSC_4900 DSC_4903 DSC_4904

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Grand entrance

Every establishment needs a grand entrance and Copdock Hall will be no different. Okay, so it will be a wooden fence and block paving with a sign – but it’s our entrance and in our minds it’s as grand as they come. To achieve that landscaper John had to dig up the mess that was the previous concrete entrance and instead lay the paving on a level bed of sand.

Also going in was an Eco drain across the entrance to take the surface water away to a soakaway while Carl Ruth took the gravel and tar road up to the edge. Looking good already.



Lewis and John spotted working

Lewis and John spotted working

Lewis and John take yet another break

Lewis and John take yet another break

Bokkie tucks into someone's packed lunch

Bokkie tucks into someone’s packed lunch



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Tar and gravel

When showing round bride and grooms over recent months we’ve had to spend a lot of time telling them what the surface will look like. Well after John’s efforts last week laying down the road planings and gravel on the terrace and car parks, today it was the turn of Carl Ruth to come in and tar and gravel the courtyard, turning circle and road.

We made sure the gravel was uniform before Carl got to work laying the hot tar upon which the shingley stuff was laid. It’s starting to look almost finished…!

DSC_2722 DSC_2724 DSC_2725 DSC_2727 DSC_4839 DSC_4865

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Sowing the seeds

After levelling the rear ground and laying top soil, it was time for John and his team to rake over the earth and scatter grass seed today. It’s been very dry of late but right on cue, there’s due to be rain over the next few days which couldn’t have come at a better time.

DSC_4846 DSC_4850

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Electrical curtain call

After months of work – much of which goes unseen – Mark the electrician began finishing the last of the electrical work today which included replacing the two front lights on the wall, connecting the bollard lights and final street lamp and switching on the sign light. He’s been a Trojan, working all weathers with only minor moaning about being out in biting wind. More jobs ticked off.

...put the gun down

…put the gun down

Mark the spark

Mark the spark

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Give me the light

The uplights are now in the ground around the barn transforming the building at night. Even if we say so ourselves…it looks stunning.

DSC_4778DSC_4784 DSC_4786 DSC_4795 DSC_4796 DSC_4799


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