That’s all folks!

After 189 posts dating back to 6 September 2012, this will be the last entry on the blog as we have finished the main renovation of Copdock Hall barn. I may resurrect it if we do further work on the complex but for now it is complete.

I thank all the tradesmen and workers who have had a camera shoved in their faces over the past year or so to provide pictures for this chronology of the work undertaken at the site. Bit of a sad day but with the wedding fair tomorrow, Sunday, it’s an appropriate time to pause but the site will remain as an historical record and linked to our main website

Appropriately again, the last post here is Nigel the builder fitting a cover to a small hatch in the gents’ toilet which gives access to the water pipes and meters. Thanks for reading the blog and do catch up with our day-to-day goings on via the website and Facebook page.

Last but not least

Last but not least

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1 Response to That’s all folks!

  1. will says:

    I surveyed this property a fair few years back (over two days – full levels data etc etc) and it was/is such an amazing piece of history.
    I worked on some proposed drawings too, but as a architectural assistant my involvement was (at design stage) minimal. It was a shame because after countless hours trudging around in winter taking measurements and levels I never knew what happened with the building. After driving passed a few times it seemed that nothing was going to happen with it and I guessed that it had changed hands.

    Not sure how many owners it has had since my survey but after seeing a EADT article I found this blog and I’m so happy that someone finally took on the challenge and turned it into a building that can be enjoyed by everyone.

    Next time you have a bridal fair I may have to pop in a take a look at what its become! If you do see a random guy checking out the joinery detailing you know it’ll be me.

    Great job guys!

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